Adam & Eve

Book/Lyrics by Marella Martin Koch, Music by Minhui Lee

  • March 2019: Workshop, dir. Timothy Koch. Access Theatre, New York NY

  • October 2018: Developed at Catwalk Institute

  • January 2018: Staged production, dir. Timothy Koch, The Duplex, New York NY

  • November 2017: Staged reading, dir. Timothy Koch. Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Queens NY

  • February 2017: 'Be The Dust' presented as part of Broadway's Future Songbook Series concert, dir. Timothy Koch, music dir. Robert Frost. Lincoln Center's Bruno Walter Auditorium, New York NY

  • July 2016: Workshop production, dir. Timothy Koch. The Kraine Theatre, New York NY

Theodora: A New Opera

Libretto by Benji Goldsmith, Music by Minhui Lee

Theodora performed by Alexa Jarvis (Alanna), Keith Browning (Justin), Amelia Watkins (Theodora) at the Brooklyn Museum

Theodora is a mini opera inspired by Theodora in Judy Chicago's iconic feminist installation 'The Dinner Party' in the Brooklyn Museum.

  • May 2018: Co-presented by NYU Tisch and American Opera Projects at the Brooklyn Museum, dir. Luke Leonard, music dir. James Lowe

Alanna is a young professional stuck in a dead-end job surrounded by male coworkers who refuse to listen to her. Still, it's her birthday, and her roommate, Justin, won't let her avoid a little celebration. Unexpectedly, his gift leads Alanna on a journey to 6th Century Constantinople, where she meets Theodora, a woman born into a life of poverty and abuse who fought past her low-class beginnings to become the empress of the Eastern Roman Empire.

A Message From Shannon

Lyrics by Marella Martin Koch, Music by Minhui Lee

A Message From Shannon is a holiday song about what we have always wanted for Christmas.

  • December 2017: Presented as part of Holiday Songbook Series Concert at Lincoln Center's Bruno Walter Auditorium

'A Message From Shannon' performed by Shannon Tyo, piano accompanied by Minhui Lee at Lincoln Center

Love In Stop Motion

Book/Lyrics by Clara Luthas, Music by Minhui Lee


Love In Stop Motion is a dramatic-comedy with a contemporary score about two early high school friends who, after being disconnected for eleven years, unexpectedly reunite at a wedding. Flooded with memories, Molly and Tom are forced to face the childhood they so desperately tried to forget while also attempting to piece together the relationships they left undone.

  • February 2017: Concert, dir. Lori Steinberg. The Duplex, New York NY

  • June 2016: Workshop production, dir. Michael Blevins. Centenary University, New Jersey

  • October 2015: Staged reading, dir. Lori Steinberg, music dir. Mark T Evans. NYU Tisch, New York NY

  • April 2015: Staged reading, dir. Lori Steinberg, music dir. Jess Glover. NYU Tisch, New York NY


'Tomorrow' from LOVE IN STOP MOTION performed by Jane Bruce, Renee Claire Bergeron, Remy Zaken at Feinstein's/54 Below

When You've Got A Gift

Book/Lyrics by Kathleen Wrinn, Music by Minhui Lee

Malcolm Coriander, a promising musician with intense stage fright, is one day away from his 28th birthday. When he fails to perform at yet another open mic night, Malcolm decides the only musical group he could ever belong to is the infamous 27 Club [rock stars who died at age 27], and so he prepares to throw himself off the nearest bridge. However, an unexpected birthday present from the local falafel cart owner and a subsequent encounter with an unorthodox nun make Malcolm realize he’s not the only person in the world who struggles with the thing he loves most, and now Malcolm must decide: What do you do with a gift you can’t bring yourself to open?

'It Could Be Anything' from WHEN YOU'VE GOT A GIFT performed by Gen Parton Shin, John Riddle, Q Lim (Left-Right) at Joe's Pub, The Public Theatre

  • December 2016: Staged reading, dir. Nina Zoie Lam, music dir. Daniel Sefik. National Asian Artists Project: Discover, New Musicals (2016), New York NY

  • July 2016: Workshop production, dir. Timothy Koch. The Kraine Theatre, New York NY

  • May 2014: Reading, dir. Giovanna Sadelli, music dir. Mike Pettry, NYU Tisch, New York NY